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2008 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare Sire: Royal Fletch
Dam: daughter of Smart Little Lena
Super cute and shapey little mare that has earned over $4,300 NCHA. Angel is an open mare that will pen and sort for anyone. If you need confidence in the gate or a little more cow knowledge in herd, here you go. She knows the deal and just where to be. Fun and easy to ride. Will go show to show and stays trained. Soft face and lots of feel. Cool mare that anyone will enjoy owning.
2009 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding Sire: Peptoboonsmal
Dam: daughter of Colonel Chrome
Bo is the Business! Awesome gelding that is an own son of PEPTOBOONSMAL. He has won NCHA money and is very, very cowy. Open caliber penner and sorter that will make anyone excel and look good. He is a phenomenal athletic. Lots of heart and has all the talent in the world. Great minded and easy going. Bo is super sweet and has a great disposition. Lots of chrome and a flaxen mane and tail.
2010 Bay Quarter Horse Gelding Sire: CD Olena
Dam: daughter of Dual Pep
Really pretty gelding with a lot of bone and structure. Charlie has won about $4,100 NCHA. Very bold moving, strong in the gate and really cowy. Extremely smooth, low headed and fancy style. Charlie is fun to ride and easy to maneuver. Quiet and gentle, yet can really run and stop. Great athlete and an open caliber horse.
2006 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Peptotime
Dam: daughter of Smart Peppy Doc
Pretty mare with flaxen in mane and tail. Coco has earned money in NCHA and has been ridden a lot outside in the pasture and on trails. She is very talented and a great athlete. Tons of heart and will give you 110% every go! She is low headed and very stylish on a cow. Broke the best and easy to ride.
Cotton Candy
2005 Red Roan Quarter Horse Mare Sire: Boonsmal Cee Lena
Dam: daughter of Freckles Playboy
Stunning mare that will catch anyones eye. Cotton Candy is the sweetest, easiest going mare in the barn. She has earned over $3,700 NCHA. She will sort and pen for anyone that can hold her reins. Super soft and low headed. Very Cowsmart. Cotton Candy is very patient, forgiving and honest. She will go show to show with little or no riding. Super fun to ride and always looks good. No issues and ready to take you to the pay window.
2008 Sorrel Quarter Horse Stallion
Sire: One Time Pepto
Dam: daughter of High Brow Cat
Most Handsome guy in the barn. Check out this stud. Own son of the leading young sire, ONE TIME PEPTO. Out of an own daughter of HIGH BROW CAT. Fabio has earned $13,000 NCHA. He has been hauled and shown at all the National Shows all year long in penning and sorting. He is an extreme athlete and loaded with cow! Extremely cowsmart and can hold a tough cow in any situation. Lots of heart and try. Will make an exceptional gelding if you choose to go that route or would be a good farm stud for a small operation.
2007 Palomino Quarter Horse Stallion Sire: Little Trona
Dam: daughter of Doc Quixote
Flash is absolutely gorgeous! The prettiest palomino color with a snow white mane and tail. He has been trained for working cow horse and cutting! He is loaded with cow and super gritty. Awesome in the sorting gate and smooth in the herd. Flash spins both directions, swaps leads and will slide to a stop. He is 100% gentle and easy to handle. He would make a great gelding if you would choose to go that route. Will stall, lead and tie next to other horses with no problem. He's an own son of Little Trona (earner of $101,000 NCHA and producer of earners in excess of $2,000,000) and out of Makin Money Rio (NCHA money earner and Producer of earners in excess of $93,000)
2008 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Spots Hot
Dam: daughter of Playgun
Gorgeous mare that is full bodied and has great conformation. Kisses has earned over $8,000 NCHA and has that "Playgun" style on a cow. She's real athletic with a lot of expression on a cow! Kisses is a classy mare all the way around. With a big sweep, she's great in the gate and very brave. Lots of rate and always keep her head low. Open mare that can take you to the next level.
2006 Black Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Blue Bayou Boon
Dam: daughter of Smart N Soda
Jet black mare that has earned $3,400 NCHA! MoMo is an open level penner and sorter that has been hauled and shown by open riders. This gal can run, stop and cow. She can hold a tough cow and really get across the pen to turn trash. Big motor and great minded. Point and shoot type mare, little leg required. Has been shown at all the National Production shows. Solid, finished and ready to win you money!
2010 Gray Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Doc O Peppers
Dam: daughter of Playgun
Nova is cool colored and cool riding! She has earned over $4,500 NCHA. Open caliber penner and sorter with a great style. Low headed, very cowy and snaky moving. She is great in the gate and smooth in the herd. Rides right in your hands and has the perfect motor. No resistance anywhere and wants to please. Rides nice and quiet inside and outside the arena too.
2008 Blue Roan Quarter Horse Gelding Sire: Peptoboonsmal
Dam: daughter of Smart Little Lena
Hard to find, TRUE blue roan, Black head and legs! Ozzy is an own son of PEPTOBOONSMAL. Rides as good as he looks. He is one cool horse. Open caliber all the way. You won't find another one like him. Huge stop, big sweep, lots of cow! He also has been used outside the arena and is super quiet and gentle.
2010 Chestnut Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Dual Smart Rey
Dam: daughter of Boonlight Dancer
Paisley has earned over $9,500 in the NCHA! Great blacktype breeding, her sire has earned over $330,000 NCHA and produced a NCHA Futurity Champion and her dam has produced foals earning $400,000 NCHA! Paisley is a motor scooter, point her and hang on! This mare will up your game and give you the extra step you are looking for. Very cowy and positions herself correctly.Awesome in the gate and can get across the arena. Super gritty and can hold a bad cow. And she is gorgeous to boot!
2005 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: San Tule Freckles
Dam: daughter of justa Swinging Peppy
Nice mare that has earned over $1,600 NCHA. Petunia will ride for anyone and make them look good. Soft in her face, light in her sides, she is easy to maneuver and very consistent. Low head and broke the best. No resistance anywhere and will go show to show with little or no riding. Petunia can get across the pen and hold a tough cow in any situation. She has also been ridden outside the arena and is gentle.
2010 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: High Brow Cat
Super cool gelding that is an own son of the leading sire, HIGH BROW CAT! Pongo has earned over $3,000 NCHA. This guy is broke the best. He's super soft and easy to maneuver. Quiet and great minded. Fun to ride and will fit any type and level of rider! Very athletic and great moving. Very pretty with a lot of chrome. Here is the the total package. Breeding, looks and ability.
2003 Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Dual Rey
Dam: daughter of Dandy Doc
Want the Business? Here you go! Reyclouse has earned $21,500 NCHA! He has been around the block a time or two. He's extremely cow savvy! If you want a confidence builder or if its time to step up your game here you go! This guy is honest, easy and so smart! He is an amazing athlete and can hold the worst cow. Will go show to show with no tuning or training. This guy stays together and will do his job every time. Plus he's a total sweetheart in the barn.
2008 Red Roan Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Reys Dual Badger
Dam: daughter of Smart Little Lena
2007 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: High Brow Cat
Dam: daughter of Grays Starlight
Own son of HIGH BROW CAT that has earned over $29,000 NCHA! Gorgeous little guy with 4 white legs and a blazed face! Scotty has a huge stop and is quick on a cow. Reads one great and knows just where to be. Will ride for anyone that can climb in his saddle. Very easy going and gentle.
2010 Chestnut Quarter Horse Mare Sire: Sophisticated Cat
Dam: daughter of Smart Little Lena
Bad to the bone mare that is absolutely GORGEOUS! Sophie is a top notch open horse that is extremely athletic, big motored, and cowy! She has that wild shake in the gate and is extremely brave. Awesome style and very broke. Sophie has earned over $1,600 NCHA. She's super talented and will make anyone look good.
2010 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Reys Dual Badger
Dam: daughter of High Brow Cat
Low headed stylish mare with $715 NCHA earnings. Tazz is very broke and really cow smart. Great in the sorting gate and smooth in the herd. Knows the game and ready to haul. Great blacktype pedigree! Nice young mare with a great mind and willing disposition.
2010 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Zack T Wood
Dam: daughter of Tanquery Gin
Visa will take you places! She's low headed and very stylish on a cow! Open caliber penner and sorter. Quick footed, catty and athletic. Lots of heart and very broke. Huge stop and fancy style. Big sweep and smooth moving. Lots of motor and doesn't require a lot of leg.


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