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2005 Black Quarter Horse Mare Sire: Cats Red Feather
Dam: daughter of Lenas Telesis
Black as NIGHT! Not a white hair on this sexy gal! Bebe is a seasoned penner and sorter that is quick, catty and very smooth. Soft face and a lot of feel. She has been ridden by open, amateur and novice riders. Athletic mare with a big motor. Very broke with no resistance anywhere. Very nice mare with a lot of eye appeal.
2009 Blue Roan Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Wild Thing
Dam: daughter of Duals Blue Boon
2005 Chestnut Quarter Horse Mare Sire: Its Just About Me
Dam: daughter of Smart And Touble
Very pretty mare with a blazed face and 4 white legs. Darla is a seasoned penner and sorter that has been hauled and shown by novice and amateur riders. Super automatic and smooth. Point and go, not much leg required. Will go show to show without riding. Darla is very cowy and has zero bad habits. Great face, soft sides and big stop. Will work for just about anyone. She has also been ridden on trails and out in the pasture.
2007 Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding Sire: Dualin Boon
Dam: daughter of Mr San Peppy
This bad boy has earned $43,000 NCHA! He is absolutely electric! You won't run out of horse power here, Diesel is a machine! Gorgeous gelding that is an extreme athlete and big motored. If you think you want to get there, he will take you! Very cow smart and will do the crazy shake on one! Was ridden at the USTPA finals and is ready to haul. Open horse all the way.
2004 Red Roan Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Bet On Me 498
Dam: daughter of Doc Quixote
Gina has earned over $15,000 NCHA! She is a gorgeous mare that is a machine in the sorting gate! Extremely cow smart and not afraid to get down and dirty! Will give you 110% every time. Big motor and lots of forward motion, yet a lot of rate on a cow. Send her to head one and hang on, your feet will be in the ground. Looking to up your game, here you go! She will give you the confidence you need!
2009 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Halreycious
Dam: daughter of Smart Chic Olena
Hal is a NCHA money earner. He is a phenomenal athlete and loaded with cow. Big motor and point and shoot type ride. Awesome in the gate and fun to ride. This guy can fly across the arena and is strong mover. Super electric and quick footed. Big time open caliber horse that is ready to haul in the penning and sorting.
2007 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare Sire: Blessed Twice
Dam: Daughter of Freckles Playboy
Hannah has earned over $6,400 NCHA. She is low headed and stylish on a cow. Super correct with a lot of shape. She rides right in the bridle and right in-between your hands. She has a huge stop and is very smooth moving. Quiet and very sane. Hannah has also been ridden in the mountains and trail ridden.
2010 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: High Brow Cat
Own son the leading sire, HIGH BROW CAT! Jag is an awesome and very talented young horse that has the mind and attitude of an aged gelding. He has earned $10,000 NCHA. Super cute to look at with roan patches and hairs throughout his body. Huge stop, soft face, and very broke. Great on cattle and super smooth.
2006 Bay Roan Quarter Horse Mare Sire: Cats Red Feather
Dam: daughter of docs Hickory
Absolutely stunning mare that will turn heads anywhere! Really cool colored with a roan barrel and coon tail! Jellybean is the easiest and most forgiving mare in the barn! She will ride up or down to your level. Safe, solid and sane this gal is ready to get you to the pay window! Smooth and very cowy! Jellybean loves her job and is good at it! Has been hauled a ton in the sorting and penning arena. Soft face, big stop and catty on a cow. Will go show to show with out riding and stays very consistent. Fun mare to own and no bad habits anywhere!
2008 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Sophisticated Cat
Dam: daughter of holidoc
Lane was originally trained for cutting by one of the best, Micheal Cooper. He has a very solid foundation. He is very soft in the face and broke the best. He can stop as hard as any horse that has been through the barn. Very good minded and easy to ride. Lane has also been roped off of and trail ridden.
2009 Bay Quarter Horse Mare Sire: Meradas Money Talks
Dam: daughter of Peptoboonsmal
Mercedes has earned $20,000 NCHA and been shown AQHA earning points. She is low, stylish and very automatic and easy to ride. Super solid mare that is smooth as glass. Low headed, soft face and hunts her stop. Very broke and honest. Great mind and willing attitude. Mercedes will ride for anyone who can hold her reins. She is one nice mare that will fit any style of rider.
2007 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: CD Royal
Bad to bone gelding that has earned over $25,000 NCHA. He is big motored and extremely cow smart. Point and go type ride and little leg required. He's fast and and a great athlete. Has been hauled in the penning and sorting and ready to go!
2002 Red Roan Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: High Brow Cat
Dam: daughter of Tivios Torsion Bar
Been there done that type of gelding. No tricks or surprises this horse is the business! Own son of leading sire, HIGH BROW CAT. Shadow has been hauled penning and sorting and is an open horse all the way. Fast, quick footed, extremely cowy and BROKE! He will make anyone look good. If you want confidence or to up your horse power, here you go! Super cool gelding that will position you correctly and knows how to read a cow.
2004 Bay Quarter Horse Gelding Sire: Playgun
Just as wide as he is tall, Wade is just a super cool all around horse! If you want to do it, you can do it on this guy. Exceptional cow horse that is super savvy! Reads one like a book and will make anyone look good in the arena. Seasoned, solid penner and sorter that has been ridden outside a million miles and also used for SHOT horse competitors. Wade has earned $2,700 NCHA and been roped on too! Fun to ride and is "PLAYGUN" cowy! Super talented, very athletic, And as broke as they come!
2009 Sorrel Quarter Horse
Sire: Smooth As A Cat
Dam: daughter of Smart Little Lena
Super cute gelding that has 4 white legs, blazed face, coon tail and roan hairs throughout his entire body. X-man has earned nearly $11,000 NCHA. He is nicest and easiest horse to be around. Open caliber penner and sorter. Tremendous athlete and super fancy style. Low headed and extremely cow smart. X-man will make anyone look good. Very trained and honest. Super quiet and gentle. He has also been ridden in the pasture and on trails. Watch him go at the USTPA Finals if not sold first!
2006 Bay Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Bobs Hickory Rio
Dam: daughter of Wilsons Lil Freckles
Here's a game changer! Zeke is one of the coolest geldings that has been through the barn! He has earned over $28,000 NCHA! Will pen and sort for anyone that can sit in his saddle. Will ride up or down. A machine gun in the sorting gate and is always honest as a day is long. Super dependable and fun to ride. Open caliber gelding that has a fancy style and is always low headed. Will go show to show and always is the same. Very trained, solid and sane.


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