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2006 Bay Roan Quarter Horse Gelding Sire: Bobs Freckle
Dam: daughter of Smart Little Lena
Gorgeous gelding standing nearly 15 hands. Bob has earned over $5,000 NCHA. He's low headed, big sweeping and extremely cowy! Super cool gelding that is push button and totally automatic. Just sit in his saddle and hang on! Bob is very cow smart and knows where to be. Very forgiving and has the best disposition. Total sweetheart and has been ridden many miles outside the arena too! Open caliber horse that doesn't need tuned during the week.
2007 Bay Quarter Horse Gelding Sire: Playgun
Dam: daughter of Smart Aristocrat
Awesome gelding that anyone will absolutely love! Bones is the real deal and fun to own and fun to ride. Playgun cowy and a great athlete. Huge stop and soft face. Extremely broke and will go all day. Bones has a lot rate, fancy style and super cow smart. Open caliber penner and sorter and has been hauled and shown. Watch this Bay machine go at the big shows until sold. Doesn't require much during the week, just grab him and go!
Bull Winkle
2008 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Smooth As A Cat
Dam: daughter of Dual Pep
Sweetest horse in the barn and super cute. This guy will steal your heart. Bull Winkle has earned over $1,300 NCHA. Super nice young gelding that has the mind and attitude of an aged gelding. Honest as a day is long. Bull Winkle will ride for anyone that can hold his reins. Easy to ride and very broke. Very cowy with a lot of expression. Hunts his stop and has a cute way of going. Has been hauled and always rides the same. Low headed, soft face and very smooth gaits. Super neat gelding!
2009 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: High Brow Cat
Dam: daughter of Oh Cay Quixote
Own son of High Brow Cat! Caveman has earned over $6,000 NCHA. He is a huge stopping, cow savvy, phenomenal athlete! Open caliber penner and sorter that has a fancy style! He is a strong mover with a big sweep. Positions himself great in the herd and is dynamite in the gate! He can hold a tough cow in any position and won't give ground. The real deal all the way! You can't go wrong with the Caveman!
2006 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding Sire: Dualing Freckles
Dam: daughter of Jazzy Joe Lena
Super nice, honest gelding that has earned $40,000 NCHA! Big stopping, big motored, and big time cow! Duke is an Open Caliber penner and sorter that has been hauled and shown by open riders! If this guy could read numbers, he would do the deal for you! Great disposition and will fit any type of rider. Handsome gelding that stands 14.3 hands. If you need a confidence booster and one that is super consistent, here you go! Duke is the real deal and can get you to the pay window.
2007 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare Sire: TR Dual Rey
Ellis is super quick footed and cowy! She has a lot of go and doesn't require a lot of leg. Extremely cowy in the gate with a lot of shake and intensity. Ellis has been hauled by open and experienced youth riders. Huge stop and very broke. Big heart and will go all day, run after run. Strong mare with powerful moves and fearless in front of a cow.
2008 Bay Roan Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Cat N A Hat
Dam: daughter of Holidoc
Phenomenal and absolutely gorgeous mare that has earned nearly $20,000 NCHA! Holly is experienced in the penning and sorting and has been hauled. She is extremely cowy and can read one like a book. She is great minded and very tolerant of any type of rider. Open caliber mare all the way around. Holly is the real deal. Low headed, very broke, fancy style and super easy to ride.
2008 Buckskin Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Smooth As A Cat
Dam: daughter of Smart Little Lena
Absolutely SEXY in every way! Latte will brighten your day up every time you climb in her saddle. She has earned over $5,000 NCHA! This mare has too many positives to list! Just a few are she's BUCKSKIN, She's an own daughter of one of our favorites Smooth As A Cat, and she is easy and safe enough for any level of rider. Latte is the total package! Stand out and ride in style here!
2009 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Dual Rey
Dam: daughter of High Brow Cat
2007 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: High Brow Cat
Dam: daughter of Haidas Little Pep
Own son of High Brow Cat that has won $20,000 NCHA. Riker is very attractive and a super nice all around gelding. Finished and very solid in the penning and sorting. Has had years of experience and has been ridden by the top open riders and also by the very novice. Riker has an excellent mind and is very tolerant and forgiving. He rides low headed and is very broke. Will spin a hole both directions and slide 15 ft to a stop. If you don't have time to ride, no problem, this guy stays trained. Has been hauled across the county to lots of shows. Riker has the best disposition, super sweet and easy to own.
2004 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding Sire: Dual Rey
Dam: daughter of Freckles Playboy
Little horse with the heart of a lion. We love ShortStack and you will too. Will make anyone look like a pro. Low headed and crazy, wild in front of a cow. Open caliber penner and sorter, but will ride for anyone that can hold his reins. Super sweet and honest as the day is long. Powerful mover with a ton of cow sense. Send him and hang on, he will do the rest. Very fancy style. Very broke and stays that way. Tolerant and forgiving, will handle any type of rider. ShortStack is just a super cool all around gelding. He has earned over $6,200 NCHA and an own son of Dual Rey!
2005 Blue Roan Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Sweet Lil Pepto
Dam: daughter of Doc O Lena
2009 Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding Sire: Dual Rey
Dam: daughter of Smart Little Lena
Super athlete and very fancy on a cow, Torpedo has earned over $9,000 NCHA. This guy is a blast to ride. He can fly across the arena and get back with ease. If you send him, hang on, he will get there and is strong enough and smart enough to hold the toughest cow in the arena. Torpedo is very intense, catty and quick footed. He will give 110% every run and go all day. Brave, Big motored, Very point and shoot, little leg required! Here is a gorgeous own son of Dual Rey! Open caliber horse that is ready to go!


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