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2009 Black Quarter Horse Mare Sire: Smart Mate
Hard to find one like her, Betty is jet black and has won over $20,000 NCHA! This mare is exceptional in every way. There is nothing not to love about her. Low headed and super stylish! Extremely cowy and bright! Intense in the sorting gate and smooth in the herd. Betty is a show stopper anywhere you take her. Cool mare with color, pedigree, performance and ride!
2009 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Halreycious
Dam: daughter of Smart Chic Olena
Hal is a NCHA money earner. He is a phenomenal athlete and loaded with cow. Big motor and point and shoot type ride. Awesome in the gate and fun to ride. This guy can fly across the arena and is strong mover. Super electric and quick footed. Big time open caliber horse that is ready to haul in the penning and sorting.
2008 Bay Roan Quarter Horse Mare
Phenomenal and absolutely gorgeous mare that has earned nearly $20,000 NCHA! Holly is experienced in the penning and sorting and has been hauled. She is extremely cowy and can read one like a book. She is great minded and very tolerant of any type of rider. Open caliber mare all the way around. Holly is the real deal. Low headed, very broke, fancy style and super easy to ride.
2008 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Cats Merada
Dam: daughter of Peppys Boy 895
Jaxx has earned $3,000 NCHA. Super nice looking, easy going, open caliber gelding. He has been hauled to national shows and ridden by open riders. Huge stop and lots of cow. Fancy style with a lot of rate, reads a cow great and shapes correctly every time. Smooth, quiet and great minded. Nice all around gelding that has also been ridden outside the arena and used on a large cow/calf operation. Has been roped on in the pasture and knows what a days work is. Sweet natured and easy to get a along with.
2008 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Smart Little Pistol
Open caliber penning and sorting mare that is also an NCHA money earner. Pistol is an attractive mare that has been hauled by open and amateur riders. Huge stop, very cow smart and will give 110% every go around. Always takes the extra step and will hold a tough cow. Knows the deal and easy to ride. Athletic and talented mare that has a pretty style. Pistol stays trained, no need to train all week long, just catch her and head to the show. Rides right in the bridle and is very simple and easy to maneuver. Lots of experience and has been hauled many miles.
2004 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Dual Rey
Dam: daughter of Squeak Toy
Bad to the bone gelding that has earned over $17,000 NCHA. Pluto is a great gelding that has been hauled by open riders in the penning and sorting. He has been to the USTPA World Finals and all the other National shows. This guy is finished, solid and can get you to the pay window. Open horse all the way around. Low headed and super fancy style. You won't find a horse that is more cow smart. Pluto is a machine in the gate. He has a big motor and you won't have to ask him twice. Awesome gelding that is a complete sweetheart in the barn. Requires an experienced rider.
2007 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: High Brow Cat
Dam: daughter of Haidas Little Pep
Own son of High Brow Cat that has won $20,000 NCHA. Riker is very attractive and a super nice all around gelding. Finished and very solid in the penning and sorting. Has had years of experience and has been ridden by the top open riders and also by the very novice. Riker has an excellent mind and is very tolerant and forgiving. He rides low headed and is very broke. Will spin a hole both directions and slide 15 ft to a stop. If you don't have time to ride, no problem, this guy stays trained. Has been hauled across the county to lots of shows. Riker has the best disposition, super sweet and easy to own.
2005 Bay Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Freckles Fancy Twist
Dam: Daughter of Boon Bar
You won't find a cuter bay gelding! Robo is about 14 hands and just as wide as he is tall. Robo has earned about $5,000 NCHA. He is quiet and gentle for anyone that can sit in his saddle. He is push button and easy going. Very forgiving and tolerant of any type of rider. Seasoned, solid and has been hauled in the penning and sorting. Ridden by Open, novice and youth riders. He's a great all around guy that is the same every go around. Very cowy, gritty in the gate and very smart. Never will cheat you anywhere and always rides right in your hands. Turn him to the cow you want and let him do the rest. Very trained, soft face and huge stop. Robo is smooth to ride and has a great short lope. Neat little horse with a heart of gold.
2008 Red Roan Quarter Horse Gelding Sire: Hes A Peptospoonful
Dam: Daughter of Freckles Merada
Roger is super cute and fun to ride. Safe, solid and sane for anyone. Great disposition and very trained. Seasoned in the penning and sorting and has been hauled everywhere. Huge stop and very cowy. Push button and super automatic. Has also been rode outside and on trails. Very quiet and not spooky. Doesn't need a lot of riding or training, just grab him and head to the show. Roger is very consistent and will do exactly what you ask him. The more you want, the more he will give. Sweet gelding, red roan, great pedigree and rides the very best.
Sho Is
2009 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Freckles Fancy Twist
Dam: Daughter of Young Gun
SHO IS is the business. He has earned over $25,000 NCHA. He's a machine in the arena! Phenomenal athlete and extremely talented. You better get a deep seat and hang on when you send him to head a cow, his feet will disappear. Sho Is can get fly across the pen and catch a fast cow and is strong enough to turn through himself and get back with ease. He's one of the cowiest horses that has ever been in the barn, yet is super smooth in the herd and goes through cattle great. Big time gelding that will turn heads. If you want to up your game, here you go.
2007 Red Roan Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: High Brow Cougar
Dam: Daughter of Royal Fletch
Spartacus is one of the nicest horses we have ever owned. We love everything about this guy. He has earned over $10,500 NCHA. He has over 40 AQHA points in the penning and sorting. He is qualified for the AQHA World Show for 2014 in four events. Spartacus can be ridden in the open and then afterwards is safe enough and broke enough for our 4 year old to putz around on. He is extremely low headed and won't bring his head much over the saddle horn. Extremely cowy and honest broke. He is a once in a lifetime kind of gelding. Gorgeous in every way.
2004 Red Roan Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Peptos Stylish Oak
Dam: Daughter of Doc Gunsmoke
Steel has earned $21,000 NCHA. This is a super star gelding that can do the deal. If you want a game changer, here you go. He can run, stop and hold the toughest cow in the pen. Very cow smart and strong mover. Broke, soft in the face and rib cage and you won't have to ask this guy twice. Steel has been hauled in the penning and sorting by open riders. He's got a fancy style with a big sweep and tons of cow. Super nice horse that is easy on the eyes. You will wear out a pick up truck trying to find a nicer penning/sorting horse.
2008 Red Roan Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Hes A Peptospoonful
Dam: daughter of Sonitalena
SuperMan is a super fun gelding that has been hauled for over a year in penning and sorting. Finished, knows the game and has been ridden by open, amateur and experienced novice riders. Very cowy. low headed and super broke. Has been hauled to all the stock shows and other national shows. Full of energy and will go all day. Stout in the gate with a big sweep and will give 110% every run. Very athletic and strong mover. Stands nearly 15 hands and very pretty red roan. Awesome young gelding that has been hauled the miles.


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