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2009 Blue Roan Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Wild Thing
Dam: daughter of Duals Blue Boon
2004 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: SR Instant Choice
Dam: daughter of Doc Wilson
Adorable little mare that is cute as a button. CC has earned over $5,000 NCHA. She has been sorted and penned on for over 2 years and is as solid as they come. She has been ridden by all levels of riders and is super easy and automatic. CC is quick footed, catty and extremely cowy. She has also been trail ridden a million miles. Super sweet little mare that anyone will get along with.
2009 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Smooth As A Cat
Dam: daughter of Playboysalittlesmart
Clyde is one nice gelding. He can do just about anything. He has earned over $2,000 NCHA. He is super bridle broke, low headed, and comes with an on and off switch. He will ride up or down to whoever is holding his reins. Very cowy and pens and sorts great. Big enough to rope on and use outside the arena. Pretty gelding with lots of chrome. This horse could go any direction.
2007 Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Dualin Boon
Dam: daughter of Mr San Peppy
This bad boy has earned $43,000 NCHA! He is absolutely electric! You won't run out of horse power here, Diesel is a machine! Gorgeous gelding that is an extreme athlete and big motored. If you think you want to get there, he will take you! Very cow smart and will do the crazy shake on one! Was ridden at the USTPA finals and is ready to haul. Open horse all the way.
2006 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Smooth As A Cat
Dam: daughter of Smart Little Lena
Hotwils has been there and done that again and again. She is an own daughter of one of our favorites, Smooth As A Cat. Hotwils has earned over $21,000 NCHA. She has been hauled a million miles and has competed at several national events in cutting, sorting and penning. She has been ridden by open, amateur and complete beginner riders. She honest as a day is long and if you can hold her reins, you can ride her. One handed or two, send her to the cow and hang on. Hotwils is low headed, very cowy and broke the best. Seasoned, solid and sane. Here is the total package.
2008 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: Hickorys Indian Pep
Dam: daughter of CD Olena
Gorgeous mare with over $12,500 NCHA earnings. Has been hauled and seasoned in the penning and sorting ridden by open and amateur riders. Ivy is loaded with cow, super smart, lots of rate and machine in the gate. Low headed and very bridle broke. She has lots of shape and knows where to be positioned on a cow. Ivy has a huge stop and lots of style. Very trained and ready to go
2005 Buckskin Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Mr Peppys Freckles
Dam: daughter of Haidas San Badger
Adorable Matt Dillon colored BUCKSKIN! Marvel has earned over $1,300 NCHA. He is a cowy little guy with a big stop, soft sides and is very bridle broke. Cow smart and athletic with a lot of heart. He has been used for cutting, ranch work, sorting and has roped some heels. He has been hauled everywhere and seen everything. Very honest and an easy ride. Super gentle and forgiving. Marvel has the sweetest disposition and has no vices.
2007 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: CD Royal
Bad to bone gelding that has earned over $25,000 NCHA. He is big motored and extremely cow smart. Point and go type ride and little leg required. He's fast and and a great athlete. Has been hauled in the penning and sorting and ready to go!
2008 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding
Sire: Hes A Peptospoonful
Dam: Daughter of High Brow Cat
Gorgeous gelding that has a roaned out body, white legs, blazed face and coon tail. Spartan has earned over $33,500 NCHA. Super cool gelding with a lot of rate, tons of cow and fancy style. He is a big stopper with a big sweep. Super athletic and very strong. Lots of go and lots of whoa! Open caliber gelding that is fun to ride and easy to own.
2008 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
Sire: That Sly Cat
Dam: daughter of CD Olena
Gorgeous mare that has earned over $10,100 NCHA! Unique looking with the white patch on her hip. Starbutts is super low headed, athletic and very cowy. She reads a cow great and will give 110% every time. She is amazing in the sorting gate and very brave. Send her and hang on, she will fold right through herself to turn around. Smooth as glass in the herd and has great shape. Calm, Quiet and collected. Fancy in the arena and super fun to ride. Starbutts is the total package. Open caliber in every way.


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