Billie may be the happiest horse to have ever left your barn and become a ranch horse. She has settled in 100%. Enjoying her new routine. Rides great out on the ranch. We sort in 2 weeks down in UT and without any doubt, we are going to kick some legit ass.
Thank you for this mare.

Laura Marsh
 Collbran, CO

Laura Marsh

Hey. Been a few months since I bought Tyke from you. You have probably heard this a million times but just wanted to give you some feedback on the sale. I AM HAVING A BLAST!! Thank-you!

I was sooooo very nervous buying a horse from the internet without ever ridden her. Most of my decision to try buying one from you was from others telling me about their experience and horses they had gotten from you. After watching her (Tyke) video a million times and our countless texts back and forth and phone calls I finally took the plunge. My friends thought I was a little crazy doing it. Nervous as heck waiting for her to show up in Ohio. When she stepped off the trailer...wow what a beauty!

After a few rides on her I had to go back to my cutting friend for some lessons on how to hang on! Wow. I love cow sorting but my friend, after riding her and seeing her work, told me I was wasting talent and should take her to the show pen. Rode her in a jackpot in Kentucky and took home a 2nd place check. Rode her in Michigan RSNC in an open class against the best in a 3 man 2 gate. After 10 runs (5 teams first go round and 5 teams in the callback) only one cow ever got by her in the gate. Many folks at the RSNC event commented how beautiful she was and that I was riding a rock star.

Can't wait to have some fun at the Congress Super Sort coming up in a few weeks.

Thank you so much again for selling me a great horse! I am having the time of my life!

Dan Lippiatt

I'm so happy with my new pony! He rode in 6 divisions this weekend and tried his heart out in each one. I couldn't have won without him tonight, or any of these past wins. In just 2 months he's made $5,000! A huge thank you to Jared Lesh and Sarah Parrish Lesh for selling me such a quality athlete!

Kathy Mitchell

Hi Sarah just wanted to say thanks again for matching me and angel. We had an awesome year together. We ended up with a reserve high point at regionals and nationals, mixed feelings on those, an Ohio state championship and high$$ horse in Michigan. Thanks again.

Mike Abbott

We want to send a huge thank you to Jared and Sarah Lesh! We highly recommend them and their horses to any level rider in the team penning and team sorting world! We just recently bought four amazing open level horses to replace what we thought were our once in a lifetime horses but we were proved wrong! We bought these horses without riding them so it was based strictly off of the videos and the amazing communication with Sarah and Jared. They were 100% honest and represented all four horses to a tee! These horses already are taking us consistently to the pay windows! They most definitely are inproving our game and making us stand out as competitors . Most every show we have attended we have had fellow competitors complimenting us on our new horses. We can't say enough about how happy we are and if anyone has any doubts about purchasing a horse sight unseen or a high dollar cowhorse please look us up on facebook! We would love to share more of our story and wonderful experience about buying horses from an amazing family! We will most definitely be return customers!
The proud owners of four amazing JL cowhorses!

Barry and Liz Baremore

Hi guys just wanted to let you know Logan (trainer) showed that mare we call Rumors now and scored a 71 and took home a check this weekend. He said she is a legit cutter and worth every penny we spent on her. Thank you for selling a great horse!

Sherry Rochell

As for Peenk, she is fitting in awesome and we are loving her. She settled right into our herd and is quickly becoming our top horse. We can't thank you enough for your exceptional service and communication. We will certainly be back for more and recommend you to anyone looking. If you ever make it to Montana you have a place to stay over anytime.

Matt & Kris Lane
 Helena, Montana

My wonderful husband, Malik Hegge, bought "Smooth as Slash" from you last October.  I love him. Mr Smooth, as we call him, and I had a great weekend sorting in Douglas, Wyoming. He is such a nice horse. Thank you!

April Hegge
 Mills, WY.

Just wanted to send y'all an email saying that I couldn't be happier with my purchase of Cats Top Shot!!! He is such a blast to ride & I have pushed myself on him. I'm now confident to hold the gate which is a major step for me. He is so smooth & loving!!! Went to the RSNC state finals & made it to the top 50 out of 250 teams, which made me proud of myself & boosted my riding confidence!!! Thank you so much again for helping me find my perfect match!!! I will continue to buy from y'all in the future!!!

Jo Lee Storey
 Cotulla, Texas

I just wanted to write you a quick update on Bill (son of SanTule Freckles), the horse I purchased from you last spring. Not only is this horse loaded with cow and a powerhouse in the gate (it's my favorite position now) but he is incredibly versatile, athletic, honest and kind. I can win money on him sorting one weekend, practice mounted shooting with him the next, take him through the mountains and use him for ranch work and also run a smoking barrel pattern. My daughter uses Bill for high school rodeo in cow cutting, and my son (beginner rider) uses him for 4H (barrels, poles, western pleasure, etc.) To top it all off, Bill is a total sweetheart and has no vices (just like you said). I have never owned a horse of this caliber before, and am so grateful that you found the perfect match for me and my family.

April Worley

First of all I just want to tell you that Zeke is the most perfect horse for me. I don't want to change a thing about him and we have absolutely bonded. I'm having the time of my life with him and I have just started feeling healthy enough to sort on him. I took him to our first RSNC show this weekend and we won the 10 class and made the finals in every other class we went in. He is teaching me a ton. I love how honest and broke he is. I've been using him to pony colts and have ridden him bareback. He is so FUN!

Beth L
 South Carolina

I can't thank you guys enough for selling me Zeke. I love everything about him. I sorted on him for teh first time thsi weekend and picked up a check. He seems to really love his job and we are having a blast together.

Beth Charles Lindler

Beth Charles Lindler

Thank you, Jared and Sarah Lesh for the purchase of the horse sweeney. Jared and Sarah answered my e-mail right away and answered all my questions about the mare. She was every thing they said and more she is a great horse. Every where I have taken her everyone says how pretty she is. I won my first sorting with her and placed third at my next one, she has really taken my sorting to a higher level. I plan on breeding her when I have finished sorting with her.

David Dewey
 Sheridan, Wy

Update... Autumn is simply amazing... 3 rides and it's love...she loves her cows and her kisses. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.. Another perfect pony you matched us up with. Just had to say she's awesome.

Jen Stewart
 Shawville, QC Canada

This email is to thanks to you for the horses you sold to us.
Sarenas is a nice Stallion easy to ride , solid and very serious in the Barn with the mares is a nice horse and is the horse you said . I am very happy with him. Stacey is very quick but solid and like a lot the cow, my son in very happy with his mare. My parther Facundo is happy too with the Rusty is beautifull and Facundo is very very very happy with the Mare is really a machine in the Castle "is Electric" with the cows. We are very pleased with the horses received.

 DP Rancho Venezuela

Had Riker on cows for the first time today. He's SO perfect for me! OMG have these two boys been fun. The cutter trainers are so excited they are trying to get me show with them. Ha. Ha. Thank you for everything You've made one ole lady's life so fun.

Eve Martin

I was at your place 2 weeks ago and bought the Smart Little Pistol mare. She has given me back all the confidence I had lost, she is just super. We rode really well together at a show yesterday. I wouldn't trade her for anything. Also I wanted to thank both you and Jared for the time and hospitality. Thank you again I now have a super horse I click with!

Stacey Price

My little Ichi boy is a real good pairing. I'm having so much fun with him! I knew there was no question but to come to you for a quality horse but more, you were just great to deal with: thanks for making this purchase such a good experience!
So yes I just say: "I went to Jared's!!!" Took him to cutter trainer to work on flag : SO fun!!!
He wants to show him. Ha. Ha
Ichi is so different than the High Brow Hickory mare I have it has really expanded me as a rider. I'm so excited. Thanks for being so nice to me!!! I'm just a little ole lady trying to learn to ride. Ha.

Eve Martin

Just wanted to drop you a line and say that Im having a lot of fun on the horse I purchased from you in November, he is a great match and was exactly what I was looking for. Ive had a lot of compliments and praise while riding this gelding, he has tons of heart and although his talent is above my riding skill he is remaining honest and my riding skills have improve so much. I look forward to returning to your farm in the very near future and continue to promote your name.

Tim O’Flaherty
 Savage Harbour,PEI Canada

Sorry it has taken so long but I wanted to drop you a line about that horse I purchased from you. He is Awesome! He is what I was looking for and I am happy to own him. Thanks for the help and arranging everything from finding him to getting him here.
My wife and I can't thank you enough and we hope to make it down to one of your shows at some point this year. Thanks again!

Corey Dahms

Just wanted to say we couldn't be happier with our 3 JL horses!
Kapow has been a great all around horse, good with the kids and has no problem with any of our mistakes. He's the same horse every ride and rides to his rider. Loves to work!
He has a really cool style, sorting and cutting. The kids all call him Kachow (lighting McQueen) they hand all over him.
Twist is easy going, fun and a pleasure to be around! He loves his job and very good at it. He also rides to his rider and no surprises, he's the same guy very day! Really teaching us how to soften down and is also very forgiving. What a huge stop, better be sitting on your butt!!!! Lots of compliments when we haul this guy.
Oliver is a beauty! Can't go any place without someone saying wow!
He is super playful (chased me with a stick) sweet and loves attention. He is so quiet on cattle and really loves his job. He has taken a liking to our son, always licking him and putting his chin on our son's shoulder . I think I may loose this one to my kid. Olive packs him around and he even works "people" on him!
I worked the sack today and I'm even more in love :-)
We won the 8 class together on Twist and Oliver our first time out with 68 teams. A friend who has only sorted a handful of times (but she penns ) rode Kapow and I on Oliver and we placed 6th out of 85 .....
Thanks again Jared And Sarah.
The horses are exactly what you said they would be and more. Problem is I don't have room for anymore!!!

Alicia Massey

I just wanted to thank you for sending me a great horse. Star is exactly what I was looking for!! We are doing great together. She is a blast to ride and very easy to get along with. I appreciate everything you did to get her here. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas.

Tracy Dahms

In March of 2013, my husband and I started looking for an ‘open caliber’ horse to take me to the next level in sorting and penning. We had heard about and seen several JL horses getting the job done, so we started studying the horses that Sarah and Jared had for sale on their website. After finding a couple that peaked our interest, we contacted Sarah and explained what we were looking for. She was very thorough in learning what kind of rider I was and what type of horse I was looking for. She chose a couple of horses that she thought would be a good fit, and I studied their videos and then followed up with questions. Sarah was very good about answering all our questions honestly. Living in eastern Iowa, we couldn’t just run down and pick the horse up, so she was shipped up to us within a week. ‘Punky’ aka ‘Annie’ was everything she said she was!

Now it’s September 2013, we decide that a second JL horse would be an asset to both Brett and me. Brett contacted Sarah and she told us what she had. We were very impressed by her ability to remember the ins and outs of the first mare we purchased, and compare each horse to her. Once again, we made the purchase over the phone and had ‘Bailey’ shipped to us. She was in good shape and just as Sarah had represented her. Brett has already fallen in love with her and won two checks on her a week after she arrived!

The ability to trust Jared and Sarah Lesh to send us quality horses just as they represent them, from over 700 miles away is a tremendous asset to us. We haven’t personally met Jared and Sarah yet, but know they are good people, and can’t wait to do so!

Brett and Kristie Maxwell

Had outstanding rides by the best horse I've ever owned. Dmac Bunnys Gun. We were 3rd in the Masters out of 52 teams, 2nd in the #13 mixed class out of 88 teams, 2nd in the #10 class out 96 teams, and won the first round in the round robin on Sunday. We won over $1,900 total. Thank you Sarah Lesh for selling me this awesome horse who has given me the ride of a lifetime.

Robin Forrest
 Houston, TX

Sarah and Jared … Thank you again for a fun weekend at the JL ranch. Your show was great and we are so excited about Sydney’s new horse, Rascal. He is the 7th horse we have bought from you and, judging from Sydney’s 3 World Championship saddles and all the buckles and prize money won by our family …. our decision to buy horses from you has been a great investment!! If anyone is considering purchasing a horse from you and wants a referral, send them my way. Horse shopping with you guys is always a great experience and I will happily brag about your generous mentoring of youth and beginner riders and uncanny ability to match horse and rider. Sydney did not think she would get along with Rascal, but you insisted that she compete on him and you were right. They were a great match … winning 3 checks together before we even purchased him. We took him to an RSNC the next weekend and they won the #10 class. They got along so well, people couldn’t believe that she’d only been riding him for one week. And our other JL horses have been just as good of a fit. I especially want to thank you for your service after the sale. I’ve had people brag about getting “great deals” on penning horses from other sources, but when things don’t work out or the buyer has a question, the seller is long gone or not helpful. The way you stand behind your horses and work with and help buyers after the sale is a rare and VALUABLE service in the horse industry … and one of the many reasons that we will keep coming back to you for horses and keep sending people your way for horses.

We would not be where we are in this sport without your talented horses and support and we really appreciate it. Every time I look at the horses for sale on your website, I want to add another one. We just need a bigger barn!!

Alicia Duleba
 Austin, TX

I rode Justin last night at a practice sorting (with wild cows). WOW, I just hung on and went for a ride. He knows what he is doing and is great at it. I couldn't stop smiling / laughing and I'm sure people thought I was drunk. He is a great athlete and good natured horse that will teach me how to sort In a much faster gear (which I love). I was told by some people that they were going to go buy some JL horses also. Thanks for matching me with another great horse.

Gary Eaton
 Austin, TX

Where to begin?! I purchased my first JL horse a little bit over a year ago but due to a move was forced to sell and I thought I would no longer be able to compete, I was wrong. I was devastated that I wasn’t going to be able to compete for my last year in the Sr. youth but Jared and Sarah has made it not only possible but beyond enjoyable by letting me rent their horses throughout the year. So not only am I able to ride, I’m able to ride some of the finest cow horses in the nation! The generosity that these two have is out of this world. I have grown so much as a rider and none of it would’ve been without their time, patience, and incredible skill. They have not only helped open doors for me but opened their home to me on several occasions. If you want to be surrounded by not only the best horses in the business but the best people as well, look no further. I will forever be in debt to Jared and Sarah and am beyond blessed to have them in my corner. To say I’m excited for the day I buy myself another JL horse is an understatement, I am proud and honored to ride for the brand.

Mattie Kimbrough
 Houston, Texas

Hey Jared,

Many thanks for the honesty and integrity you have shown in the two transactions we have had.

I purchased a Smooth as a Cat mare back in 2012 that was very talented and won several checks including 2nd at the Congress Regional in OHIO.

I enjoy new horses and I spotted an own son of CD Olena and out of a Dual Pepmare on Jared's website that is absolutely beautiful and loaded with talent. I contacted Jared about trading my mare back to him and he was very receptive and he represented the Dual Pep son to perfection. We traded over the phone both times and Jared made trucking accommodations almost immediately.

I named my Dual Pep son "Sting Ray" and he is definitely that. Big motored, smart, extremely cowy, can sit on his back legs like a german shepard dog and really fun to ride. I hope to have many more trades and purchases with Jared in the future.

Clay Mills
 North Carolina

Jared and Sarah Lesh, we owe our accomplishments to y'all's stock, lessons, help, and encouragement since we have started! Thank you so much for everything you all do! Riding for the brand and making the best memories ever! JL!

Laura Sattler
 Benton, LA

California finals were rescheduled this weekend because of rain , so we went to the ocean instead ! He walked right in :) and was perfect the whole ride . He can sort and penn one day , beach the next , then hung on by the kids at a play day .... He's a great horse and we are proud to own him ! He won't be our last JL horse ! Have a happy and safe new year .

Alicia Massey

Making the decision to go to Texas and try out a horse from Jared & Sarah Lesh is a “No Brainer”.
If you want to improve your game Jared & Sarah have a fantastic knowledge and the gift for matching people to horses. I bought shortcake a High Brow Cat mare. She is brilliant, well bred, well trained & pretty. I’m very proud of her. When other penners come up to me and say what a good horse, what a pretty horse I get the biggest grin, I am so happy with my purchase. It is cool to have a “Roadster” that other people admire! I’m thrilled with my purchase and I’m looking forward to an awesome penning season.
Thank You Jared & Sarah, I will be recommending you to any of my fellow penners who are looking for an upgrade.

Holly Farkes
 Cayley, Alberta Canada

Thanks guys for recommending two of the best horses I have ever had the pleasure of owning! I called Jared in January and told him what I was looking for. After watching this horse (Timmy) on video I purchased him over the phone based on the Lesh's reputation. Since his arrival I have been nothing short of pleased. He is awesome and is everything they said and more. At every show people approach me to comment on his performance. After riding Timmy for 9 months and boosting my game and RSNC winning I again called on Jared and Sarah to help find a second horse compatible with Timmy. I watched a video of Summer- another great horse they recommended and purchased her. This time I drove to Whitesboro Texas to meet the Lesh's in person. I made two good friends while out there and came home with Summer. At her first RSNC show and along with Timmy, they took two 1st, a 3rd and 4th place. I know when I buy my next horse it will be from Jared and Sarah.

Kenny Baumgardner
 Bristol, VA

Sarah & Jared, Harry & I wanted to extend our sincere appreciation for the hospitality and kindness that you provided during our recent visits! Your expertise and guidance was invaluable and your relaxed, open, honest, and forthright approach to business was a wonderful experience. Sue and Dino have worked out great for us! We are so excited to have them. In the short time that we have had them, Sue has already placed first in a sorting and fifth in a round robin. Dino has also won a first place in a sorting. Thanks so much for all your help and guidance! You both have built a terrific reputation for the JL brand and we now understand why!!

Harry & Renee Leach
 Waller, Texas

Wow, is about all I can say. What a great horse and a perfect match. She is everything you said she was and so much more. We had her home for 2 days rested her up and off to a 2 day jack pot. What a ride, and bring home the pay checks in penning and sorting was so much fun.

So anyone out there looking for a great horse and honest people to buy from look no further. They are everything that the write up said, and the video showed. Just ask questions and Jared and Sarah will be there to answer, quickly.

We bought a horse from Jared and Sarah, by looking at the videos.. I must say a lot of people thought i was crazy, but now can't wait to do it again in the spring.. Look out I'm addicted..

Thank you soooo much

Roy & Jennifer Childs
 Shawville, Quebec Canada

I board with Roy Sattler and he brought Hollywood back last weekend. I just wanted to thank you, he is beautiful and I think we will make a great pair. He is a dream to ride and will make me push myself to ride up to his level. I look forward to coming over to your place to get a lesson on him sometime.

Jeanne Hine
 7th Heaven Ranch, Louisiana

Just wanted to give a big thanks to Jared and Sarah Lesh at the JL Cowhorses for matching me up with a horse of a lifetime. She is the prettiest and most athletic horses i have ever owned. She put me in the money in every class I rode in at the Fred Bray ranch on Saturday and I took home a paycheck. I can't say enough good things about these people. They have been the most honest people I have dealt with yet. If you want a horse to put you in the pay window, then don't waste your time and give them a call. Also wanted to thank Joann Nichols and Miss Sue Edwards for referring me to them! I love my pony.....

Nate Lopez
 Lake Arthur, LA

Sarah and Jared: Thanks so much for the hospitality you extended to me during my visit while Linda was horse shopping. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at your beautiful facility. It had only been a year and half since my previous visit and I was astounded by the changes you have made. Sarah, I hope you realize what an inspiration you are to women involved in horses, but more so to women involved in business. You have taken the JL brand and made it a household name in penning, sorting and cowhorses. I observed you from riding horses, riding with people, mentoring young people, taking care of your family, and running a business all in a day's work! Jared, your involvement is a major part of the JL success as well, but looking through a woman's eyes who taught high school students for 30 years, I can appreciate a hard working, business minded, talented young woman. YOU BOTH HAVE THE WORLD BY THE TAIL. Congratulations, best wishes and many thanks.

Barb Stevens
 Fountaintown, IN

I wanted to write a reference and let you know that Mario is doing great. He is settling in to his new home and getting along well with the other horses. I like him more every day which is not always the case when buying a horse. I had a chance to take him to a sorting practice this past week and he was the highlight of the practice. After the first four runs it felt like we had been riding together for months. I felt like he was reading my mind. He was able to bust up groups of four to five calves and come out with the one we wanted. What a joy to have the privilege to ride such a fine horse. We met another rider who owns a "Lesh" horse and I can only imagine that it is like one Harley Davidson rider meeting another. There is a instant understanding that this person values quality. Thanks again for your assistance in this process. I have a feeling this won't be the last horse I buy from you guys.

Ron Marshall
 Princeton, TX

We were introduced to Jared and Sarah at the RSNC finals in 2010. After seeing the quality of horses they had and speaking with them, we were interested in a JL horse as our first sorting horse. We checked their website occasionally and kept in touch via email on several horses. One night I was looking at the website and my husband saw a horse at the bottom of the page that caught his eye. He liked "Tina’s" look and the description of her. I spoke to Sarah and my husband flew out to Texas to check her out. Upon his arrival in February of 2011, he was introduced to the worst ice storm in a decade. Over two days, he tried several horses in less than perfect Texas weather and “Tina” was the one he liked the best. Sarah and Jared were very accommodating and went above and beyond to make his experience at JL Ranch an enjoyable one. We changed Tina’s name to Lena and she has turned out to be a great little mare. She is everything Sarah said she was. There was nothing hidden, even the not so great qualities. We couldn’t be happier with Lena and the service we received from Jared and Sarah, who have always been available to answer any questions. My husband and I currently ride the same horse, and she has done a wonderful job stepping up for him and stepping down for me at every show. Since we have purchased Lena, we haven't had the opportunity to sort as much as we would have liked to, but we have won many checks and a few belt buckles on her in a short amount of time. We have sent a few people to Jared and Sarah for a horse and the ones that have purchased horses have been very satisfied with their horse and the experience they had at JL Ranch. We will be in the market again soon for another horse and we will definitely check with Jared and Sarah first. Thanks again for all of your support on finding the right horse for us and getting her back to Florida, as well as all of your advice and help at Nationals.

Thanks again, and we look forward to our next purchase with you!

Jason and Lorri Jones
 Leesburg, Florida

My horse is Mason. I bought him from Jared and Sarah Lesh last summer. I love this horse. Not only is he a sorting and penning machine, but I can climb on the fence and jump on him bareback with just a halter and go for a trail ride. He is worth his weight in GOLD!!! Thank you guys so much!

Stacey Copenhaver
 Houston, TX

I just wanted to say thanks. The “ Harrison Horse” I recently purchased from you has been a great fit, I’m doing great on him and he fits my riding style perfect. Thanks for listening to my needs, seeing my riding style, and matching him to me. He is a great horse and a pleasure to own. I feel Jared Lesh Cow Horses offers the total package – knowledge and experience, great horses, wonderful facilities, and overall a pleasurable experience.

Layne Penfield
 Bryant, Arkansas

Just wanted to let you know that I love Twist and he is doing great. Just got to pen on him at a 3 day clinic last weekend and he was great and I got a ton of compliments about how good my new horse was and how well I seemed to be getting along with him. He has definitely been everything you told me he would be. Also, Rob has absolutely fallen in love with him and he only wants to get a horse from you guys when we get him a horse. Thanks again.

Cheryl Rimas

Jared & Sarah, We want to thank you for all your hospitality and kindness. We sincerely appreciate all the time you took with us looking at your horses. We are very excited about the new grey gelding and I love my new saddle!

Randy & Alison

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you Thank You for a great clinic. I would highly recommend your clinic to anyone of any riding level. Anyone can learn something from Jared. Very impressed. I WILL BE BACK FOR ANOTHER CLINIC! You and Jared made me feel as part of the group, and appreciate being invited to do things with you guys. I learned a lot and am very excited about putting it to use… you and Jared gave me more confidence in competing at a higher level. Hope you do well at the show in San Antonio. Thank you again for making me feel at home there…

Gary Hale
 Rogersville, MO

Just wanted you to know about PB and how happy I am with him and how much I appreciate what you and Jared have done with me. You were so right when you showed him to me: He is a good soldier and he has a good heart! He has been tolerant of my inexperience and has allowed me to learn and make mistakes. Every time I have fallen (3), he has come back to get me after he got the cow as if to say, “What are you doing down there?” You have had a couple of opportunities to sell me another horse and both times your guidance steered me in the right direction. You have been truthful and kind and helpful. The blue roan that I loved is the best example of your honesty. That would have been a train wreck for me. I can still hear you telling me that he was really an “open rider’s horse”: And I thank Jared for telling me at a show at your place that he thought we (PB and I) were a good match.
PB and I are doing great. He is always ready to go though he definitely has some attitude about things he is always more than willing and always has a nibble on my ear for me. Probably not what some would want but I love it. Though there is no JL on his butt, you should know that he always performs and I always hear both yours and Jared’s words of wisdom about him. You encouragement and your offering of an “open draw” at your shows means a lot to all of us trying to hone our skills.

This is just to say thank you so much! Being in sales myself, I always want to know when a client is appreciative and how I can make their experience better the next time. Unfortunately, for you, this means I will not be buying a horse in the near future but you can bet I will always send people your way when I can. You guys are the best!

Camille Abbott
 Austin, Texas

They say Mother knows best, but when it comes to putting the right horse under you Jared and Sarah know best! Sarah showed me a horse and I didn't like his looks so I picked a different horse to try. Well needless to say I fell off that horse, continued trying a few others, and as you can guess I ended up buying the horse she tried to get me to ride in the first place! They are very PATIENT! Another satisfied customer riding a JL branded horse!

Cheri Boggs
 Springtown, Texas

In April of 2011 I was on my way to a USTPA Show in Duncan, Oklahoma and I decided to give Jared a call to see if I could stop by and ride some horses. I had bought a horse on my own a few months before and learned a valuable lesson. When I arrived Jared and Sarah had about seven horses saddled and ready for me to try. I spent several hours trying each horse on cattle in the arena and sorting pens. Sarah watched me ride each horse and knowing my limited riding skills she helped me narrow it down to two horses. I chose a 5 year old Dunn Gelding that has energized my penning career. In just ten months I have won more money than the horse cost not to mention a new Todd Jeys saddle and a big win at the 2012 National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. Jared and Sarah's help didn't stop at the purchase of the horse. They continue to offer advice and answer questions still today. I attended all 5 shows they had at JL Arena in 2011 and they always make sure you feel welcome and get all the rides you want.

Mike Pruitt
 Houston, TX

Recipe to a winning team....In 2007 I decided that I would like to ride in the AQHA World Show. So I called Jared and Sarah, I asked Jared if he would put on a private clinic. I learned so much. Then I decided I wanted to upgrade to a better horse, and my JL horse career started. I was hooked!!!! Sarah has a gift to pair a rider and a horse together and make a great team or should I say Winning team. To this day if I have trouble or need my team re-tuned, they are there to help. They don't abandon you. I am proud and honored to have them as friends. Although in the team penning and sorting world, we are one big family. Their arena, hospitality and shows they put on are wonderful. They treat you like family. You show up with no rides and let them know and they will find you rides. They always make you feel welcome and will thank you for coming. Thank you Jared and Sarah for all you do!!!!

Deanna Gregory Parker

I just wanted to thank you all for sharing your horsemanship knowledge, be it penning, sorting, or just everyday training tips, whether it is at a show, a clinic or the barn. You both take the time to go out of your way to help other people, whether they are customers or not. Truly impressive, thank you!

Also, your 2011 AQHA shows and USTPA shows were some of the best I have ever competed at and I have been team penning team since 1994, so I do not say that lightly. Thank you for on-time, well-run events.

Frank, 5-year-old AQHA gelding, qualified for 2011 AQHA Select World in only two shows, in both penning and sorting. I have won more in five months than I had won in the previous two years.

Dennis Masterson
 Llano, Texas

My first trip down to Jared and Sarah's was for a two day (penning/sorting) clinic. We had a great time, learned so much, and got to ride a bunch of great horses. Jared and spent so much time with each one of us teaching us the "right and wrong" of penning and sorting. We were all able to come home with a lot of new information and put it to good use. If I lived closer I would be attending them a lot more often!!

My second trip down was to purchase a horse, what impressed me was how Sarah and Jared remembered exactly what kind of horse I liked from when we were down there riding ONE YEAR before, from the size of horse I liked, to the buttons I liked on my soon to be new horse. Going there is NOT like going to some other barns where you look through the horses and you pretty much know the good ones from the bad, and usually you only see one good one.  When you go to purchase a horse from Jared and Sarah its a tough because there are so many good horses to choose from.

I spent 3 days there looking at numerous horses each day, finally narrowed it down to 2 then the final day went back AGAIN and made my decision. I rode each one of these horses on cattle every day. They were very honest and very patient with me. I would highly recommend them. I traveled from New Jersey to purchase my horse from them and would do it again in a heartbeat. The
other thing that really impressed me was that they didn't just sell me the horse and say "see ya later" They called to make sure the horse arrived safely, then even checked up to see how we did at our first show and then AGAIN a few months later. Any questions I had after she arrived from bits, saddles, etc.. they were more then willing to answer at any time. I could not be happier with my horse, she has done very well for me and I look forward to continuing riding her for many years to come. Thank you Sarah &

Jennifer Marrero
 New Jersey

Jared and Sarah have been a blessing for us. They have treated us great. We told them what we were looking for, our riding style and price range and they lined up a half dozen horses to try (out of about 50) they gave us some riding and sorting tips to help step up our game. We now have three of their horses, two we won first time out, the third we won the second time out. Where else can you get horses and results like that? Thank you very much. We will be back for our next horse, for sure!

Mike and Janet Begyn
 Milan, Il

Thank y'all so much for providing my dad with the horse of his dreams! He rode him today and couldn't stop smiling! After training a green horse, I think he forgot what it was like to ride a good horse! Thanks again and hope we see y'all soon!

Laura Sattler

I appreciate the time Sarah and Jared have spent with me on the purchase of my new horse Rose. I brought her home after finals and had my first local competition on Rose a couple of weeks later. We placed or won every class we entered in penning and sorting except for two. She is an awesome horse and a pleasure to ride. It is so nice to be able to make precise moves on cattle. If you can’t tell I just love her!!! Sarah has the skill to match horse and rider and will take the time to answer any questions you may have. I recommend the Leshs’ to anyone looking for a quality competition horse at a fair price.

Jeffery & Cindy Rein
 Castle Rock, Colorado

Our family first met Jared and Sarah in 2005, when they came to Colorado and put on a clinic. We bought our first JL horse from them at that time, since then we have purchased several more horses. With all our travels and dealings we have never heard a bad thing about any of the horses they have sold, just many satisfied customers! We love all of the JL horses that we have owned and currently own. I would like to thank both Jared and Sarah for being GOOD people. They have always been honest and upstanding people with us. I think they truly are in the business for the right reasons and enjoy what they do and it shows in their success. We have spent a lot of time with Jared and Sarah at horse shows, at their house and on vacation, they are truly GOOD people and a lot of fun to be around. If you ever need an outstanding horse for any discipline, at a good price head to their place in Whitesboro. We guarantee you will leave with an outstanding horse and memories you will never forget.

Dwayne and Amber Haselip
 Bennett, Colorado

I have a working class income and have gone to Jared/Sarah for our penning/sorting horses for 6yrs now from South California - long drive non-stop both ways for the quality horses (the 'ol sayin get what u pay for is true). Last trip I bought 2 horses and 2 weeks later went to the Reno Rodeo Penning/Sorting and won 1st/3rd and 7th in sorting - penning Pro/Am/Nov got 5th plus go round checks. Jared's horses have stepped up our game to be top competitors in our divisions and above. I believe they have given me the best quality horse for my price range and fit to our riding abilities to improve our performance.. I STRONGLY recommend everyone to at least try their horses (and look at any finals in your area and see the numerous JL brand on the top 10 horses).

Dann Taylor
 South California

We were referred to Jared and Sarah after being referred to other contacts and horses that left us unsatisfied. After some conversations with them, we met at the Kalispell Classic Penning show in Montana. Jared and Sarah had several horses for us to try. Susan rode a CD O’Lena mare and I rode a Dual Jazz gelding. With the intention of only purchasing one horse, we bought them both. The training and athleticism in the horses was outstanding. That weekend I picked up my first cheque with Jazz and hadn’t even paid for him yet. We were very satisfied that we had not only picked the right horses but had met a couple that had a strong training and horse program that would help any penner to their next level.

That summer I placed very high at the Calgary Stampede penning and in the fall, won the Canadian Nationals 8 Shootout on Jazz. Susan continued to hit the pay window with her teams on CD (Lacey).

As our skills and performance increased, and truth be told, Susan’s fascination with Jared and Sarah’s horses, we became very interested in the High Brow Cat horses. We talked with Sarah often and we bought a High BrowCat daughter, Snappin Kitty, in May 2010. We sold Jazz and Lacey to fellow penners who continue to be successful on these Lesh horses. Susan went on to win her first Hi-Point Championship title with Kit Kat and continues competing at a very high level today.

In December 2010 we bought our second High Brow Cat daughter from Jared and Sarah, Kat Hepburn. Katie was outstanding from the get go. Her athleticism, attitude, knowledge, and training were some of the best I have seen. In 2011, I again placed very high at Calgary Stampede penning, won the 2010/2011 Hi-Point Champion season overall aggregate title along with my wife Susan, and won the Canadian Nationals.

We have been so impressed with these fine horses that we have just purchased another High Brow Cat mare, High Brow Darlin’, from them to continue keeping us at the top of our game. As we have total respect for Jared, Sarah and their horses, we bought all three of these High Brow Cat mares, sight unseen and over a phone call. We often get asked if these horses are for sell so it is a very nice compliment that not only do we own fine horses, but they are Jared and Sarah’s horses.

Sound, Quality, Performance
These are just some of the standards Lesh horses have and will take you to the pay window as well.

Susan and Jeff (JR) Johnstone
 High River, Alberta, Canada

In November 2010 I retired from the Police Department after 30 years there. I had put my team penning and ranch sorting aspirations on hold for about 11 years. By the time I had retired my Bobby Atwood gelding was 26 years old. He still has the heart but not the physical ability. I contacted Jared and Sara Lesh first by e-mail and then later by phone. I wanted a horse that was ready to go compete in sorting and a horse that would fit my riding ability. Since where I live in South Florida is not on the way to anywhere I trusted Jared and Sara to select the horse and had it shipped to me. They sent me a horse named Swinging to the Beat he was perfect. I had him only one week and took him to a sorting and was second in the #5 class and won money on him. My son Tyler Smith started showing him too! He won the beginner Ranch had on him at Linked D and at Prine Ranch. And last month Tyler’s girlfriend won a belt buckle on him in the beginner RH.

In February I started talking with Jared and Sara about purchasing a second horse. This time the horse was for my husband who had very little riding ability at the time. They shipped me a horse named Smarty’s Scootinstyle. He was a perfect match for my husband. My husband won a belt buckle on him the very next month in the beginner ranch hand. He also went out to the RSNC nationals and was 4th in the Graduated Beginner RH #11 HC-296 teams and 8th in the Graduated Rookie Sort-313 teams.

In May I had a mare named Last one to Dance shipped to me just before the RSNC show. I had a chance to show her once here and was in the money. At the RSNC show I ended up 6th and 9th in the Graduated RH #11 HC-296 teams. And I was 8th with my husband in the Graduated Rookie Sort-313 teams. Last month I won the #7 class at Linked D with her.

In August I went out to Whitesboro, Texas in search of another horse for my son Tyler as his horse had gotten sick at the RSNC finals and was recuperating from surgery. There were so many horses to ride and to choose from there. I ended up purchasing a gelding named Prince of A Deal for Tyler. This horse is so awesome. Tyler has improved so much. He has won three belt buckles on him so far. And I am sure this is just the beginning for them.

I can’t say enough about the quality of horses that Jared and Sara has sold to our family. It has certainly made my dream come true this year of riding horses with my family and friends. Jared and Sara are super nice people and very good at what they do!

Peggy Schwarz
 Palm City, Florida

What do you say about someone who sells you the horse of a lifetime? I’ve watched Jared grow from an ornery little grandson with all of his brothers traveling with their grandpa Hoss, and Sarah from a shy little girl out riding the wind to the young leaders in our sport. It was a natural choice to go to them for our horses. The last time I went to purchase another JL horse after being in the sport for 12 years, I told Sarah “I want to bump up my game”. She looked at Jared with a gleam in her eye and said, “Im going to show her The Mare”. She brought out a beautiful chestnut mare and said “She will take you there”. Well Ellie, as she is affectionately called now sure did. I took her home that day without even riding her as I know Sarah has a God given talent to match a rider to a horse. At our first show, The National Western Stock Show in Denver Colorado, I won a saddle and from there it was success after success. The major wins include another National Western Stock Show win in the Open the next year, a reserve USTPA National Finals championship, a USTPA National Finals Championship, a reserve year-end points award, and several wins in between. This JL horse not only helped my confidence and skill level she helped me to be consistent enough to move from a 2 novice to a 4 amateur in ratings in USTPA. So you see why I get emotional talking about Ellie for she is truly a Horse of a Lifetime. Thanks seems an inadequate word to say to Jared and Sarah Lesh - the JL Brand- for they have become more than a trusted business, they have become two people I am proud to call my friends and are more like family.

Paige Westfall
 Abilene, Kansas

Paige Westfall

We have purchased two very exceptional mares from Jared and Sarah and that has been the best decision we have made. These mares have given me the confidence to step up my game in the penning and the sorting, and now I have moved from novice to amateur. Jared and Sarah have spent countless hours to help me and have always put me on great horses. I am especially grateful for the clinic this past summer before the AQHYA world show which helped me to achieve Reserve World Champion in team penning. I am really looking forward to this next year because with their help I am shooting for World Champion! Thank you guys so much for believing in me and riding with me and giving me the confidence I needed to become better.

Danielle Goyer
 Adair, OK

Danielle Goyer


Brett Hensley
 Tyler, Texas

Brett Hensley

Highly Talented, Distinguished and Producers of the Best Sorting & Penning Horses in the Industry today…
  We are extremely honored and excited to produce this testimony. Great Service and Products are cornerstones for success and extremely important in our business today and it parallels the same path in any other industry. But when we come across and deal with businesses that are EXCEPTIONAL and produce a special and everlasting impression, we want people to know about it! They deserve it and so will you, “and let me tell you – Jared and Sarah Lesh Cowhorses have exceeded our expectation in all elements of the Cowhorse and the sport of Sorting and Penning.” It was very fun for us to watch and now own “Big Wheel Big Diehl” that won the 2010 AQHA World Open Penning Championship with Jared! Jared and Sarah are extremely professional in their dealings and stand behind their words. Their horses are well trained, exceptional bloodlines and possess a high degree of intelligence and heart which is often overlooked but a trademark for this disciple. Their tried and true transition of the Cowhorse, be it a Cutter, Reined Cowhorse or other discipline into sorting and penning is an important function and that’s where Jared and Sarah Lesh horses excel. Their track records, awards and winnings speak for themselves. But their teaching, training and guidance produce highly talented prospects and students of the game that is clearly second to none. Especially, as these athletes go into the hands of new owners as it was for us. You can rest assure and have the confidence your horse will deliver the performance you expect and lessen your concerns that ultimately increase your focus on the game. That difference will be money in your pocket!! We truly believe and trust in Jared and Sarah for their training, horses and most of all their business acumen. Our experience will keep us coming back in many ways, a customer buying and becoming owners of these exceptional equine athletes in the Sorting and Penning World.

 Thank you Jared and Sarah, for this experience and “BIG WHEEL BIG DIEHL”!

Dennis and Susan Polzin
 Minneapolis, Minnesota

In December 2010, I attended a sorting and penning clinic at the Lesh's with 9 people that I routinely ride with. Jared coached us on our penning strategies and techniques for a full day. The second day Jared coached us on our sorting strategies for a full day. During both of these days, Jared worked with us as both as a group and individually. Jared worked with us as we rode with different partners. Jared especially worked with us on our horsemanship skills. His instruction was clear and concise, and targeted to the specific issue at hand. I feel that we all came away with much needed knowledge and strategies. This has helped our group be able to ride with each other and to begin thinking alike when we ride. It has helped us identify strategies to put us "on the same page" with our partners. The clinic didn't just end the day we left. Since last December, when I am riding at an event, Jared is usually available to watch me ride and offer coaching when requested. Jared and Sarah were very accommodating during our stay. We rode hard for 2 very full days. Stalls were ready and available for our horses upon our arrival. They had plenty of hook-ups available for our living quarters trailers. Cattle were numbered and ready to ride on. I also enjoyed the camaraderie at meal time and the in-depth discussions of our sport.

Kim Baker
 Houston, Texas

Thanks for everything at the show. It is because of you and Jared … your skill in selecting horses for Sydney and time you took working with her this summer (and afterwards) … that she has progressed to this level. (Sydney Duleba won the 2011 USTPA World Championship in JR Youth, winning her very first trophy saddle at age 12)

Alicia Duleba
 Austin, Texas

Alicia Duleba

I’m a Team Penner at heart, but was having a hard time transitioning to Sorting, so I went to the Lesh's to see if they could help me be more competitive in the Sorting Arena. After listening to me about my needs they worked with me for several hours & they put me on several horses to ride to see which horse would be best suited for my riding style. The results; At my next show I took 2nd. & 3rd. in one Sorting class and I got 1st. place in another. I highly recommend the Lesh's for being patient, attentive & helping you find what you need in the Performance horse world.

Bobby Gladu
 Dallas, Texas

Hey guys just wanted to drop you a line and update you on “Hope” the mare that I purchased from your ranch. She is kicking Butt in the classes we enter. She has improved me as a rider and I know we will move up in the rankings easily this year and earn some winnings. From my visit to your ranch/home through the entire process you guys where awesome. I like that you evaluated me as a rider first, before just bringing out a bunch of horses. You listened to my needs watched me as a rider then dialed in on a few horses. Then even after I bought the mare you still gave me support. All I can say is I will be back to you guys when I need a new horse and will recommend you to all me equestrian friends.

"Long Live Cowboys", Joe Epifanio
 Naples, Florida

After watching several USTPA competitions, and competing on several horses, I decided to get myself to Whitesboro, Texas in the spring of 2011. It was a complete experience! The straight-forward approach of Sarah and Jared is so refreshing in the horse world. Once we talked and determined my price range and expectations, Sarah showed me a variety of horses—my selection took most of the afternoon that first day, but I was afforded all the time I wanted to decide. The next day, I returned and tried out my new horse in a one-on-one clinic with Jared—to fully appreciate the clinic, you have to be there. For me, it was an intense, hands-on learning experience that “upped” my sorting and penning game by leaps and bounds! In October, 2011, I came back to get another horse. Same process—wonderful selection of horses to try! This time, I stayed for 3 days of clinic. I cannot recommend the Lesh experience highly enough! Anyone who wants to pen and sort competitively should try it! Excellent selection of horses, variety of prices and skill levels—but most of all, Sarah and Jared focus on finding the horse that’s best for you, the rider. I’ll be back!

Dave Tuttle
 Blacksville, West Virginia

Bobby & Randy Barrett had been penning for 20+ years when Randy & Cheryl got married. We did OK, but Cheryl wanted them & herself to be better. We met Jared & Sarah in 2010. That summer Cheryl called Sarah & said she wanted to buy “The Barrett Boys” & herself a private clinic with Jared for Christmas presents. Then in Aug 2010, Randy, Cheryl & Bobby took a trip to Jared & Sarah’s ranch to check out upgrading Randy & Bobby’s competition horses. Since they had both seen Randy & Bobby ride for some time, they picked out 3 to 5 horses they felt would fit us. It was very comfortable. They took their time with us. They had cattle we could try them out with, which is very important since we compete in Team Penning/Sorting. We even got pointers on things we were doing wrong. Both were very open with their knowledge. Both Randy & Bobby came home with new horses, that they dearly love, & we all came home with a wealth of knowledge on how to be better penners/sorters.

In the spring of 2011, we traveled back down to Jared & Sarah’s place for our private clinic. By the time we were finished, we had all kinds of knowledge & very worn out, I might add.

Jared & Sarah had several USTPA shows this year, of which we attended all of them. If you get to one of their shows & don’t have rides… not to worry… Sarah will get you rides… no problem. Never once have we been to one of their shows that they didn’t tell each & every person there “Thank You for coming to our show!!” They made everyone feel so very welcome. You can’t beat their prices for rides. Everyone is so friendly & happy to have a place to ride that is affordable. That is so hard to find these days.

Cheryl was not happy with her mare's (ROXY) performance & felt she needed a "tune-up" so she could compete better. She decided to leave her down at Jared & Sarah’s after one of their shows for 30 days & when we went back down for the Region 2-10 Finals, she had hopes of having a much better horse. She was not disappointed. It was truly amazing the difference. Then in November Randy & Cheryl attended the USTPA World Finals. Cheryl, along with James Dunn & Greg Hansen won the 3-Pen draw. Cheryl had never made it to the USTPA Top 10 Finals before. We can’t tell you the difference in that little mare. It’s just incredible. Roxy truly rode like JL horse, thanks to her "tune-up".

Long story short, Jared & Sarah is your one stop shop for anything having to do with Penning & Sorting… be it buying a new horse, taking a clinic, getting a tune-up for a horse you already have, not to mention a place to compete. We really can’t say enough about those two.
We think they are, by far, THE BEST!!

Randy, Cheryl, & Bobby Barrett

Deciding to buy horses from Jared & Sarah has been the best decision I could have made.
They spent countless hours with me to ensure I found the horses that fit me and that I could be competitive on. They want to see their horses in the winner’s circle so they take much time and consideration in matching the rider’s skills and abilities to the horse. I how have 4 horses with the JL brand and know I can be competitive anywhere I go. Shortly after buying my JL horse, my daughter, granddaughter and I won the #9 penning at the San Antonio livestock show which was the highlight of my penning career. Jared & Sarah have the best thing going if you are looking for a team penning or ranch sorting horse. Jared's clinics are the best in the business and they put on some great team pennings & sortings. I am highly impressed with Jared & Sarah’s ability to match horse to rider and recommend them to anyone needing a penning or sorting horse.

Tom L. Sparks
 Duncan, Oklahoma

Tom L. Sparks

Mike and I have been sorting and penning for about 3 years. The first year we bought 2 horses. One was a JL horse brokered by someone else. Mike rode the JL horse and I rode the other. Mike started winning immediately where I didn't know what a check looked like with my name on it. We soon took a trip to Texas to buy me a JL horse. My mare paid for herself in less than a year. We now have only JL horses in the barn. We have looked around at other horses but I am convinced if you want the real deal save yourself some time and just go to Jared and Sarah. Together as a team they make magical connections with horse and rider. Mike and I are no longer strangers to the winners circle. We won matching reserve champion buckles together at this years finals with our local club. We have had the opportunity to receive one on one instruction from Jared. One hour will up your game tremendously. Jared and Sarah are professionals at what they do and we consider them our friends.

Mike and Linda
 Benton, Arkansas

I was just thinking what a great horse we purchased from you! She rides Reydar bareback through our pastures & rarely puts her feet in stirrups during penning and sorting competition & Reydar always takes care of her!

Rochelle Childress
 Benton, Arkansas

Rochelle Childress

This past May 2011 I decided to start looking for a second horse for ranch sorting. I had been told by several people that not only did Jared and Sarah Lesh usually have a large number of horses to choose from, but they were good at making horse and rider matches. Traditionally, I have ridden geldings; however, after Jared and Sarah watched me ride they suggested I try out a bay mare, Shadaisy Mae. I was a little skeptical at first to consider a mare, but after riding her for about 10 minutes, I understood first hand how Jared and Sarah make awesome horse and rider matches. I was ready to purchase this mare and I did! Since May 8, 2011 through November 4, 2011 Shadaisy and I have been to 11 shows. The following are placings in which we received money:

  • All Levels, four 1st places, one 2nd with 158 teams and one 4th place.
  • #13 HC, one 1st, two 2nd places, two 4th places
  • #10 HC, one 1st with 92 teams, one 2nd place, one 3rd place, one 4th place, two 5th places, one 6th place
  • #8 HC, one 1st place
  • #6 HC, one 1st, one 2nd place, one 3rd place
  • #11 HC 2 cap, one 3rd (gate only)
  • USTPA World Finals, Monroe, LA, World Champion in #3 with 190 teams
  • AQHA Amateur 18 points
  • Additionally Shadaisy has been ridden by Danielle Goyer at the 2011 RSNC  Finals. In the #14 RH they placed 3rd and 4th, at the Ft Worth USTPA Show they placed 1st in the 9 class.

Jared and Sarah, you are skilled at making winning combinations. Thank you!

DeRoy White
 Supulpa, Oklahoma

  We love you guys as true friends and as business people... and feel we have some of the best penning horses out there, so we may be a little biased, lol...
  My family started penning/sorting about 8 years ago and we have looked at A LOT of penning horses. We realized after our first visit to the JL Ranch that there is nowhere else in the country that you can go and ride 4 - 5 horses that fit your personal riding style and ALSO receive one-on-one coaching and guidance from Jared. I never feel rushed to make a decision and ALWAYS leave with some of the best penning/sorting advice I have ever received anywhere. Some people just "sell you a horse...," I think Jared has an innate ability to match the right horse to the right person. My home state of AR had the benefit of hosting a JL clinic, and again, the coaching, guidance and one-on-one lessons everyone received were well worth the money. Those who wanted a little "extra" time at lunch had the benefit of working exclusively with Jared, and everyone left feeling like they had a couple things to work on to make them better sorters. There are no short-cuts to this sport, and its often a heart-breaking matter of seconds between 1st and 2nd place...and in those few seconds, you realize, your horse made all the difference...and we want ours to be JL horses.

David, Michelle, Blake & Drew Carnahan
 JL - Ima Miss Jazzy Cat, JL - DMAC Finer Cat, JL - TuesdayBoon

For those that know us we penned quite a bit in the late 90' and early 2000's and during that time we did well but life got in the way and we had to pull back up until late into the season last year. Wanting to get back in the game and needing to get mounted again we approached Sarah and Jared to start looking . For those who ever have started this process , Sarah and Jared go way out of their way to match the horse and rider and not only that they follow up on how you are doing afterwards again and again with true genuine interest. This is something you just don't see every day and therefore very much appreciated. One other thing I have noticed is due to this interest in you that they also spend alot of time coaching and since we were out of the game for awhile this was ever so important in coming back in as the game had changed so much. I am not sure how much progress Sarah and Jared would say I have made my ability to listen but they seem to be satisfied the Julie is progressing. So far we have bought two horses one for Julie and one for myself and I must say both Julie and I are just so impressed with the quality of them and just how well they fit us. Under Sarah's wing Julie has really stepped up her game and has not failed to win money on Rio yet at any show. I am not sure who is more excited for Julie but Julie certainly has gained her confidence back and when she goes into the arena she knows she can compete. Julie knows she has her new found friend taking care of her. It so amazing on how well they do together , Rio seems a part of Julie and Julie a part of him. My horse Kippie is just plain and simple one of the best horses I have ever rode and not only that she is absolutely gorgeous. My old horse had lost quite a few steps and after seeing how well Julie was doing plus the fact that Julie was not going to let me ride her horse I called Sarah and Jared and said me too I need one and boy did they find one. Now there is a whole story that goes along with the first time I saw Kippie but I know we need to keep some room for others to comment. I feel as she is a part of me and I had a chance to ride her in Denver in competition for the first time this year and I came away from that show knowing I can do this again and I can be competitive . We did very well together with our teammates in several classes and we were also able to make it to the top 10 twice in the 11 thus riding in the PBR intermission , what a hoot that was! This just wouldn't have happened with out her and I would have not met Kippie with out Sarah and Jared . I read some of the other post and we agree Sarah and Jared are GOOD people , they are good friends , they freely help others and give back so much into this sport , they have integrity in the deals they make and we agree that folks that are looking need to call them and go see them. While you are there you will see and experience the selection of horses and the gracious hospitality that everyone talks about. You will also meet Whitney who is quite a hand as well in her own right and a member of their team. Thank you Sarah, Jared and Whitney.

Bob and Julie Strenge

Hey Sarah, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your skill/ability to match a rider with a horse. It’s amazing how you do this!!! I got on a horse for the first time in January of 2011. When I came to you guys in November of 2011, you matched me perfectly with a GREAT mare!!!! In just three months, I have now won two checks. I am lovin this!!!! I will definitely be back to get another one from you!!! You guys are AWESOME!!!!!

Edye Crouse